AWS Cost Management

As cloud consumption continues to grow worldwide – $107bn in 2019 and projected to be $284bn in 2024 – organisations continue to experience bill shock and struggle to build up the skillset required internally to manage costs on an ongoing basis. That’s where we come in. We’ll provide your team with visibility of your cloud footprint, a cost management strategy which can be deployed across your organisation and ongoing recommendations on how to optimise your cloud footprint.

About AppSunder

What We Do

The team at AppSunder have worked with some of the largest enterprises in Australia to provide unparalleled visibility into cloud costs, in some cases reducing monthly consumption costs by 45%, with a focus on non-intrusive cost optimisations. This ensures your costs are able to be optimised without having to delay projects and allow your delivery teams to continue to innovate without restrictions.

We can provide access to custom dashboards, subscribe stakeholders to reports which only contain relevant data, assist with internal cross-charging and chargebacks, Reserved Instance and Savings Plan management and optimisation and have a few other industry secrets which can significantly reduce ongoing subscription costs in AWS.

Having worked with AWS since their launch into the Australian market in 2012, we’re also able to help navigate the AWS teams and how best to ensure you’re leveraging the AWS relationship as best as possible.

Our Services

What We Offer


Cost AdvisOry

Our trusted advisor model, helps our customers to achieve better cloud cost efficiency, security and compliance, providing confidence when beginning their cloud journey or reduce costs if they are a born in cloud organisation.


Cost Management & Optimisation

We become your cost management and optimisation partner, providing an initial assessment and baseline then work with your teams to reduce costs on an ongoing proactive basis. We provide detailed insight into cloud utilisation, assets, reserved instances, savings plans, ongoing subscriptions and also provide access to the industry leading cost management platform – CloudHealth.