Technology Risk Management and Compliance

If you’re an APRA Regulated financial institution, you’ve likely heard of the Prudential Standard CPS234 or the Australian Taxation Office’s Digital Services Provider Framework. You may also be interested in understanding how to best apply these regulatory obligations in a cost efficient manner to your technology operations. That’s where we can help.

Applying Regulatory Obligations

What constitutes Multi-Factor Authentication and how do you achieve MFA in a cloud environment where servers are built using a Linux Operating System? What are some of the considerations when enforcing segragation of duties?

We work with your teams to understand the current operating methods and help apply the regulatory requirements with minimal impact to your team efficiencies.  

We then deploy appropriate controls in standard technology operating procedures to minimise the likelihood and impact of  technology breaches.

Technology Risk Management

Reducing or Mitigating technology risk can be time consuming and costly but it doesn’t necessarily need to be. 

Our team can help your organisation better understand and define your technology risk, before assisting with immediately mitigating, addressing or resolving.


Our Services

What We Offer


Technology Regulatory Consulting

We guide and support your technology leaders and engineering teams to implement improvements to technology and operating process, to meet regulatory obligations relative to your organisational requirements.


Technology Risk Consulting

We help your technology teams understand, measure, document and treat risk. Our team is methodical in our efforts and we work within your guard-rails of risk treatment and reporting.

We guide your development and engineering teams to implement tactical and strategic mitigating measures for any discovered risk, guided by your organisation’s risk appetite.