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Our experienced team provide businesses across Australia with AWS Cloud Cost Management, Digital Transformation and Digital Enablement to support your digital journey. Along with enabling your Cloud Adoption, we’re here to help you with every step you take.

Our Services

AWS Cost Management

Most companies utilise a Cloud Cost Management tool, however struggle to interpret the data into meaningful actions, savings and a strategy.

Technology RIsk & Compliance

There are numerous Australian Federal Regulatory bodies such as ATO, APRA and ASIC. Business leaders can sometimes struggle to translate the regulatory obligations into actionable technology directives. We can help you efficiently implement these processes to streamline workflow and meet your obligations.


Digital Transformation

We have always held the belief that technology works best when we, as humans, don’t notice it. We can help your business benefit from the many recent advancements in technology and help tailor a digital solution to your business challenges. 




Not all applications are created equal and simply migrating a workload to AWS may not always work. Our experienced team can work with your Engineers to ensure the best migration path is taken with consideration given to effort, cost, security, compliance and maintainability.

About AppSunder

What We Do

At AppSunder, we believe in the development of long-term partnerships with our clients. We aim to deliver value to your business as quickly as possible. We believe our personalized approach, affordability, and results are what sets us apart from many others in this space.

As a company that cares about the same things you do, we take time to understand your goals, your challenges, and your business. We have a huge depth of experience in our industry, and it is this expertise and knowledge combined with a passion for utilizing the latest and greatest tools and techniques that power our client’s businesses to success.

Whatever your business goals or ideas for the future, we can help to get a plan in place and support you from start to finish. Whether you want to hire us for a single project or form an ongoing collaboration, we offer affordable pricing, a superior service, and unrivaled levels of creativity and expertise to help you achieve your goals.